Ancient Wisdom Journey to Waterfall of the Chinchero

Homestay Journey


Ancient Wisdom in the time of the Incas, the City of Chinchero was the Ceremonial and Spiritual Centre of their empire, full of mysteries, riddles, beliefs and the devotion to Mother Earth, to the Sacred Rocks (Huacas) and to the Apus, the Sacred Mountains such as Apu Ausangate, Apu Salkantay and Apu Pachatusan, that have saved and protected this beautiful earth from the time of the Incas until the present.

 In the Cusco Andes, the Spiritual belief of the ancestors is still upheld from generation to generation, from the epoch of the Incas until the present time. Such as their faith in the Sacred Mountains (Apus), in Mother Earth (Pachamama), the Huacas (Sacred Rocks for having rituals).

 The Andean man still keeps his ancient Wisdom, performing rituals connecting himself with the Spirits of the Sacred Mountains (Apus) and the Mother Earth (Pachamama)

 Ceremonies: Andean shamans (Pacos) make offerings to the Pachamama (Mother Nature), thanking her for all that she gives to us. With the K’intu (the Sacred Coca Leaf) and the sacred drink made of corn (chicha or ñawin aja) to supplicate an abundant harvest and prosperity for the home and family.

 Spiritual meditation: that is to connect us with the Spiritual to clean our soul from negative energies, experience a moment of clarity to realize our aims in life, confront our fears and insecurities, create peace, tranquility, harmony, happiness and give joy to our heart and meet with our own Self.


  • Tour Type: Spiritual Journey
  • Good For: Those with a sense of adventure and Connect Spiritual
  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Climate: Cold, sunny with wind in the months of April to November
  • Humidity: Dry
  • Rainy season: December to March
  • Pick up Time: 7: AM
  • End time: 5: PM
  • Considerations: This journey will take about full day

Cusco (3,399 m/ 11,152 ft) Chinchero (3,754 m/ 12,316 ft) Waterfall Urquillos (2,900 m/ 9514 ft)

A day full of magic and connection with the Spiritual World. Departure from Cusco in a private car accompanied by our guide and our Andean shaman, to a very important archeological site, Chinchero. On the way, you can enjoy some beautiful, natural landscapes and some small villages.

 Our first visit will be to the beautiful archeological site of Chinchero, that offers exceptional lithical expressions due to its monumentality and the development of its architecture with beautiful agricultural terraces, Sacred Huacas, Palaces, Niches where the Mummies would be put to be revered, and paths that led to different villages. The site has been constructed by Tupaq Inka Yupanki.

 Chinchero is also known as the land of the Arco Iris, and as its people are very devoted to Mother Nature, the Arco Iris represents to them the pregnancy of the Pachamama (Mother Earth) to give fertility to have abundant harvests. The two lakes represent the eyes of the Pachamama and the male and female duality, as well. And its Sacred Mountains Chicon, Pumahuanka, Waqkaywilka and Waynaccorqor are believed to protect their village.

 And on top of a Sacred Huaca where sacrifices, ceremonies and offerings were performed, was built the Colonial Church dedicated to Virgin Monserrat, today known as the Mamacha Natividad, the Patroness of the People of Chinchero. In the church we will find Baroc styled wood carvings plated in gold and its walls are decorated with works of Diego Quispe Tito, representing the Cusquenian school to the utmost, and there are some works of Francisco Chihuantito, as well.

 After our visit to the Church we will explore the archeological site and be part of a Spiritual Ceremony. First, we will thank Mother Pachamama and the Sacred Mountains with an offering prepared by our Andean shaman with Sacred Coca Leaves, Sacred Chicha made from corn, carnation, lama grease and some grains from the region. The offering will then be buried under a Ceremonial Huaca invoking the Spirit of the Sacred Mountains and Mother Pachamama to protect us spiritually. Then, there’s a Spiritual meditation to connect us with the Spiritual to clean our soul from negative energies, experience a moment of clarity to realize our aims in life, confront our fears and insecurities, create peace, tranquility, harmony, happiness and give joy to our heart and meet with our own Self.

 Afterwards, we’ll continue to with a walk down a sacred path to a beautiful waterfall of Chinchero about 1 hour, to appreciate the fall of the water, it is a magical place of tranquility to connect with nature, and then we continue walking towards the valley of Urquillos. 3 hours, in the course of the road we can see some agricultural terraces of the Incas and landscapes of flora, reaching the town of Urquillos visit a chicheria (aqja wasi or Andean bar) to drink this drink of the Andean man and make a toast to the great spiritual achievement and we continue our walk to reach the Urquillos bridge where our vehicle awaits us for the return to the City of Cusco.


  • Guide: Professional, English speaking guide during the whole tour
  • Shaman: For the Retreat Ceremony and Meditation
  • Transport: Private transport during of the tour
  • Ceremony to Mother Earth (Pachamama)

Not includes

  • Flights from Lima to Cusco and Cusco to Lima
  • Entrance fee: Archeological site of Chinchero
  • Hotel in Cusco
  • Meal: Lunch
  • Breakfast and dinner
  • Snacks and drinks

PLEASE NOTE. Tourist ticket(BTG) included different archeological site around of the Cusco City and in the Sacred Valley, archeological site Pisaq, archeological site Ollantaytambo, archeological site Moray, archeological site Chinchero (price 130 soles)

What you need to take:

  • Sun hat
  • Box lunch
  • Repelent for mosquitos
  • Sunglasses
  • Sun protection cream
  • Waterproof jacket (especially from dicember to march)
  • Warm jacket
  • Confortable shoes
  • Water bottle
  • Camera
  • Extra money

A minimum group size would be 2 persons. The bigger the group, the lower our cost per person: please, find our prices and discounts below!

  • Group of 2 USD 130,- per person
  • Group of 3 USD 90,- per person
  • Group of 4 USD 70,- per person
  • Group of 5 USD 60,- per person
  • Group of 6 USD 50,- per person
  • Group of 7 or more USD 40,- per person