The 12 steps through andean religion of the Inkas

The 12 steps through andean religion of the Inkas


Cusco Womb of the Spiritual World. In the time of the Incas, the City of Qosqo was the Ceremonial and Spiritual Centre of their empire, full of mysteries, riddles, beliefs and the devotion to Mother Earth, to the Sacred Rocks (Huacas) and to the Apus, the Sacred Mountains, that have saved and protected this beautiful earth from the time of the Incas until the present.

Ceremonies: Andean shamans (Paccos) make offerings to the Pachamama (Mother Nature), thanking her for all that she gives to us. With the K’intu (the Sacred Coca Leaf) and the sacred drink made of corn (chicha or ñawin aja) to supplicate an abundant harvest and prosperity for the home and family.

Spiritual meditation: that is to connect us with the Spiritual to clean our soul from negative energies, experience a momento of clarity to realice our aims in life, confront our fears and insecurities, créate peace, tranquility, harmony, happiness and give joy to our heart and meet with our own Self.

  1. Practice acceptance: You can’t control certain things in your life. Yo lose a lot of energy trying to change things that are out of your control. Your futile attempt to change things you can’t control causes you stress. This can have negative consequences in your recovery. So work on accepting things, starting with you.
  2. Develop confidence: Life can be unstable and doesn’t provide a guarantee of anything. When you have faith and confidence, you are able to deal with whatever is thrown your way.
  3. Create a place of refuge: It starts as a physical place where you can feel safe or where you can decompress. Eventually, you can learn to find that peace anywhere.
  4. Make time for self-examination: It’s easy for us to be overly critical of ourselves, but that’s not healthy. Don’t be so hard on yourself. Instead, focus on your strengths and on things you can improve.
  5. Set up a self-honesty team: Sometimes we have a skewed view of reality. Having a support system that will tell you the truth and give you quality advice is valuable.
  6. Be willing to move past limitations: We all have strengths and weaknesses. Learning to optimize your strengths and not dwelling on your shortcomings helps you attain your goals.
  7. Cultivate a sense of humility: Admitting that you need help and be willing to receive advice helps you stay humble. This can be difficult because you may want to believe that you can do it all. Ello yourself to accept your imperfections.
  8. Have a forgiveness practice: Resentment can take a physical toll as well as plague our minds with negativity. Forgiving yourself and others will lift that weight off you.
  9. Give back where it’s the hardest: In active addiction, you hurt many people, especially those who are closest to you. Giving back to others can help right the wrongs of your past.
  10. Admit when you’re wrong: You’re not always right; if you were, then you wouldn’t get yourself in trouble or hurt others. Admitting when you’re wrong sometimes is humbling and prevents the “black and white” thinking of addiction.
  11. Keep your Spiritual life fresh: Whether you meditate, pray or do yoga, finding your spirituality help you grow in your recovery.
  12. Practice unconditional love every day: Loving and feeling compassion for others helps you stay grounded. Yo show your appreciation of others and of life when you practice unconditional love.

The 12 steps are a valuable tool in the life

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