About us?

Homestay Journey

About us?

We are a group of organized families, from Andean communities of Cusco Peru. We provide opportunities for Spiritual growth and personal transformation by visiting most important Sacred sites of the Incas. We are committed to small groups, carefully crafted itinerareis, and passionate tour leaders ready to share their Wisdom and helf you deepen your Spiritual life.

Homestay Journey is dedicated to providing a more meaningful and rewarding travel experience, specializing in sacred sites tours and spiritual travel. Our journeys combine respect and reverence for ancient wisdom traditions with the joy of exploring some of the most beautiful landscapes.

We are all from neighboring communities that are outside of Cusco, which we offer housing services inhabitants, food, short walks from one day to five days to more, with llamas and activities such as Pachamama Ceremony, Andean massage with medicinal plants, demonstration of agricultural tools, elaboration of chicha, preparation of pachamanca, preparation of bread and social work, etc.

Our company offers you the opportunity to interact with the families of the place, also to show you the real experience of each Andean town, with its ancestral traditions, its living culture, the colorful clothes that wear it and its traditional festivities.

Homestay family. We are also very prepared and trained to offer gastronomic dishes, typical with organic products that we work in the area.

The most outstanding of the Homestay family. It is also offer night tour to observe the constellations of stars and Andean astrology that left us with a wisdom our ancestors which is transmitted generation after generation, ceremonies to Mother Earth (Pachamama), to the Sacred Mountains (Apus), Meditations in strategic places and for the future is read with leaves of the Sacred Coke by the Andean Shaman and as a translator your Guide will be part of the Homestay family.

The aim of the Homestay family is to achieve a quality of life in each community, the partners of the company is also to teach their other colleagues the organized work as our ancestors did, to give their children a new vision, to to follow in the footsteps of their parents and be great professionals to change the thinking of their people.

Join us on one of our spiritual journeys as we explore ancient civilizations and cultures; myths and legends; oral traditions and literature; vibrant folklore; sacred art, architecture, and music; and enjoy delicious authentic foods. Through guided energy work, wisdom teachings, healing practices, creative endeavours, and daily discussions you will learn as much about yourself as you do about the country and culture you visit.


Why travel with the Homestay Journey family?

We are very responsible families, offering personalized and unique visits in Cusco, Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu and nearby. Our tours are designed to go to unique places which gives you the opportunity to interact with us.

Our goal is to provide a quality service to our guest to make your trip unforgettable from the first moment of the meeting until the last day of farewell.


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