What is your cancelation policy?

Homestay Journey

What is your cancelation policy?

The cancelation policy is as follows: for Homestay Journey Tours being cancelled 24 hours before 100% is recovered. For hotels and flights within 30 days of anticipation, one recovers only 80% and one needs to pay a fine of 20%. Train reservations and entrance fees to archeological sites can’t be recovered or transferred to someone else. It is only possible to change the date by paying a fee of 15% on top of the amount paid within 30 days of anticipation. The classic 2 days or 4 days Inca Trail can’t be recovered, nor can the date be changed or the journey be transferred to someone else, so one loses 100%. If the payment is made by Paypal, one has to add 5,5% on top of the total amount of the journey. To make a reservation with Homestay Journey a bank deposit is needed of 50% to pay the archeological sites and hotels up front, because Cusco is a tourist area and each company has its own policies. We thank you very much for your understanding and for your confidence in the Homestay Journey Family.

What about the money?

The majority of hotels, restaurants, super markets and galeries accept credit cards, but it is necessary to have some cash to pay taxis and small shops. There are a lot of ATM’s and Money Exchange services that can exchange dollars for soles. Before visiting the archeological sites or starting on a hike, you may like to coordinate with your guide to only bring the necessary.

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