Sacred Medicinal plant of Ayahuasca


Ayahuasca Retreat is an authentic, intense, profound and meaningful healing experience and an opportunity to explore the Spiritual dimension. A possibility for a transformative experience, a life changing experience.

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Ayahuasca (Banisteriopsis caapi) is Quechua language. (Life line or spiritual path). The stories of the indigenous peoples of the Amazon, for example the mythical stories of Ashaninkas, which are transmitted orally generation after generation, tell how the rituals and the sacred and medicinal use of the Ayahuasca was taught by the wise Inca warriors. It is known that the Incas occupied different regions that are currently occupied by different peoples who still use the Ayahuasca. The Incas made cultural exchanges with different peoples of the jungle. The presence of the culture and the cosmovision of the Inca culture inside the jungle is undeniable. Federico Kauffman Doig, quoted by Soria (1995), reports that during the Spanish conquest, Inca warriors flee into the jungle, some settle in the vicinity of the Huallaga River and stablished as Chazuta culture, and others continued going on through the Huallaga and the Ucayali to the border with Brazil. Therefore, some peoples such as Shipibo and Ashaninka believe that the Inca is their father, and their myths speak of the father and god sun, and the return of the Incas. It is also known that the cultural exchanges between the Andean civilization and the peoples of the Amazon have been made for centuries before the peak of the Inca culture.

This sacred beverage gives access to states of mind that allow us to experience a parallel dimension of reality, a non-material but totally existing world, a dimension that we can call the spiritual world of ayahuasca. In deep psychology this world is known as the world of psychic reality or the archetypal world. Many people who participate in Ayahuasca sessions report the feeling of dying, and some even say they have experienced death in themselves. There are those who experience this state of death with fear and terror, but there are those who describe this state as an experience of absolute peace and total surrender. Apparently, in some cases, the experience of death is the preamble of an experience of rebirth or spiritual renewal, and also the contact with the world of beings and spiritual realities. On this journey that takes you through death and into the world of the spirits, it is advisable to be accompanied by a guide in order to be able to return from this journey cleaner, healthier, with more clarity, more strength and more wisdom. The guide is commonly known by the word Shaman.

 For thousands of years, here and throughout the world, the role played by the shaman has been and is, the intermediary between the world of spiritual beings and the ordinary world of the physical and material senses. Ayahuasca is a key element in the life of the spiritual warrior or the shaman, since it allows him to penetrate the other world and bring knowledge and wisdom from this other world, in order to help his people and those who need it. The archetype of the warrior, priest and magician that was represented by the Inca nobles, has almost become extinct, although it is still dormant in the collective unconsciousness. The inheritance of the Incas that was left in the jungle, has almost disappeared, but has not died. In ancient times, the Inca warrior, besides being trained in the domain of the world of the senses, also had a deep training in the domain of the spiritual world. Today there are no original schools or traditions to be trained on this secrets or spiritual training. In a way, the shamanism of the Amazonian rainforest conserves part of this knowledge. The shamans say that the spirits of ayahuasca keep knowledges and secrets in another plane or dimension of reality, and that the guardian spirits of ayahuasca can teach these secrets.

The legacy of the ancestors was not extinguished, and the wisdom and nobility of the past survived, perhaps in the genes, or perhaps in the collective unconscious. The knowledge lasted, and the arts in the use of medicinal plants, diets, fasts and the use of healing songs are still valid. The peoples of the Amazon have kept an important part of the legacy alive, and new times have arrived for a new collective process of exchange of culture, knowledge and wisdom. It is the time of the new amautas, and of possibilities of development of our society in the field of knowledge, ethics and it is coming material, economic, political and spiritual development. Perhaps Ayahuasca plays an important role in this process of exchange, development, and cultural and spiritual awakening; since this sacred plant, inheritance of the ancestors, is a tool or spiritual technology that allows the expansion of the conscience and the healing of body, mind and spirit, when it is used with honesty, respect and wisdom.

Ayahuasca is entering the life of contemporary civilization, as a medicine capable of healing the sufferings of the human soul, a medicine capable of offering a transformative and life changing experience, and that can help overcome traumas, complexes and existential crises. In the life of cities, many people suffer from the evils of modern, consumerist and materialist civilization. Many people suffer from emotional and psychological disorders, or mental illnesses, depressions and obsessions, anxiety and anguish, neurosis and psychosis. And there are those who desperately seek relief and healing from their ills, which are evils of the human soul, evils of the spirit.


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