Spiritual Retreats- Maras salt mines-Moray-Chinchero

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Spiritual Retreats- Maras salt mines-Moray-Chincheron

Open your heart and quiet your mind!

Homestay Journey offers Spiritual Retreats in Sacred places of the Incas, in locations chosen for their great natural beauty and outdoor.

Individuals choose to attend spiritual retreats outdoor for many wonderful reasons such as to practice self-love, discover more about themselves, or to find full enlightenment, connect with mother nature (Pachamama). Spiritual Retreats give the opportunity to balance your mind, body, and soul in sweet harmony.

Spiritual retreats help us achieve a sense of connection to something bigger than ourselves, and typically appeal to those who are searching for a purpose or higher meaning in their lives. Spirituality is a universal human experience—something that touches us all – and a spiritual experience can be sacred or transcendent or simply offer a deep sense of aliveness and interconnectedness.

Our Spiritual Retreats are a perfect combination for your journey. To the must see Sacred sites of the Incas, like Chinchero: Enigmatic Spiritual place, Meditation place is also known as the land of the Arco Iris, and as its people are very devoted to Mother Nature, the Arco Iris represents to them the pregnancy of the Pachamama (Mother Earth) to give fertility to have abundant harvests. Visit to Chinchero weaving families to learn about the ancestral weaving art. Moray it is a beautiful farming laboratory enigmatic and mysterious. Maras Salt mines but one intriguing sight that should not go unnoticed are the ancient saltpans, known as Maras salt mines. Strategically dug into the mountainside, thousands of shallow pools filled with salt water eventually evaporate and leave behind the crystallized salt, a process that has been practiced for more than 500 years.

Our Sacred Valley of the Incas land is blessed with magical spaces that await you to manifest wisdom in your heart!


  • Tour Type: Spiritual Journey
  • Good For: Those with a sense of adventure and Connect Spiritual
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Climate: Cold, sunny with wind in the months of April to November
  • Humidity: Dry
  • Rainy season: December to Machu Picchu
  • Pick up Time: 7: AM
  • End time: 6: PM
  • Considerations: This journey will take about full day

Cusco (3,399 m/ 11,152 ft) –Chinchero (3,754 m/ 12,316 ft) - Moray (3,500 m/ 11,483 ft) –MARAS SALT MINES - Cusco

A day full of magic and connection with the spiritual world. Departure from Cusco in a private car accompanied by our guide and our Andean shaman, to a very important archeological site, Chinchero. On the way, you can enjoy some beautiful, natural landscapes and some small villages.

Our first visit will be to the weaving families to learn about the ancestral weaving art, using fiber of the alpaca and sheep and natural pigments of plants and some minerals to fixate the colors. The village of Chinchero is distinguished for keeping its weaving art and the costumes from the time of the Inca until the present. The women used to dedicate themselves to making beautiful, sacred blankets with a variety of designs and colors to be sent to the city of Cusco in the time of the Incas. Nowadays, they still make a variety of textiles for sale which is their main source of income. We will also have a workshop where the families will teach us how to make the alpaca threads using a spindle (pusca) that turns the wool into a thread – from very thick threads to the finest ones. We will take a quantity of wool with us to continue practicing at the hotel or at home.

After that, we will go to the beautiful archeological site of Chinchero, that offers exceptional lithic expressions due to its monumentality and the development of its architecture with beautiful agricultural terraces, Sacred Huacas, Palaces, Niches where the Mummies would be put to be revered, and paths that led to different villages. The site has been constructed by Tupaq Inca Yupanqui.

Chinchero is also known as the land of the Arco Iris, and as its people are very devoted to Mother Nature, the Arco Iris represents to them the pregnancy of the Pachamama (Mother Earth) to give fertility to have abundant harvests. The two lakes represent the eyes of the Pachamama and the male and female duality, as well. And its Sacred Mountains Chicon, Pumahuanka, Waqkaywilka and Waynaccorqor are believed to protect their village.

And on top of a Sacred Huaca where sacrifices, ceremonies and offerings were performed, was built the Colonial Church dedicated to Virgin Monserrat, today known as the Mamacha Natividad, the Patroness of the People of Chinchero. In the church we will find Barroque styled wood carvings plated in gold and its walls are decorated with works of Diego Quispe Tito, representing the Cusquenian school to the utmost, and there are some works of Francisco Chihuantito, as well.

After our visit to the Church we will explore the archeological site and be part of a Spiritual Retreats. First, we will thank Mother Pachamama and the Sacred Mountains with an offering prepared by our Andean shaman with Sacred Coca Leaves, Sacred Chicha made from corn, carnation, lama grease and some grains from the region. The offering will then be buried under a Ceremonial Huaca invoking the Spirit of the Sacred Mountains and Mother Pachamama to protect us spiritually. Then, there’s a Spiritual meditation to connect us with the Spiritual to clean our soul from negative energies, experience a moment of clarity to realize our aims in life, confront our fears and insecurities, create peace, tranquility, harmony, happiness and give joy to our heart and meet with our own Self.

Afterwards, we’ll continue to Lake Huaypo to have our picnic lunch prepared by our Chef. We’ll continue our journey to a beautiful Inca farming laboratory. Moray was the center of experiments in agriculture. It has platforms in concentric circles, each of them having different micro climates from the highest to the lowest part. According to the studies that were done, you can find a great variety of pollen including even the Coca plant that normally grows in the jungle.

After that, we’ll continue with our ultimate visit to the salt mines of Maras. There are thousands of little plots filled with salty mountain water that evaporates with the intense sunshine, making salt crystal buds up to forming a thick layer that after a month is extracted by the local families. This practice dates back thousands of years and was passed on from generation to generation. Return to the City of Cusco or Sacred Valley Urubamba.


  • Guide: Professional, English speaking guide during the whole tour
  • Shaman: For the Retreat Ceremony and Meditation
  • Transport: Private transport during of the tour
  • Entrance fee: Salt Mine
  • Meal: Lunch
  • Ceremony to Mother Earth (Pachamama)

Not includes

  • Flights from Lima to Cusco and Cusco to Lima
  • Entrance fee: Archeological site of Chinchero
  • Entrance fee: Archeological site of Moray
  • Hotel in Cusco
  • Breakfast and dinner
  • Snacks and drinks

PLEASE NOTE. Tourist ticket(BTG) included different archeological site around of the Cusco City and in the Sacred Valley, archeological site Pisaq, archeological site Ollantaytambo, archeological site Moray, archeological site Chinchero (price 130 soles)

What you need to take:

  • Sun hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Sun protection cream
  • Waterproof jacket (especially from dicember to march)
  • Warm jacket
  • Confortable shoes
  • Water bottle
  • Camera
  • Extra money

A minimum group size would be 2 persons. The bigger the group, the lower our cost per person: please, find our prices and discounts below!

  • Group of 2 USD 160- per person
  • Group of 3 USD 120- per person
  • Group of 4 USD 100- per person
  • Group of 5 USD 90- per person
  • Group of 6 USD 80- per person
  • Group of 7 or more USD 70- per person
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