Rainbow Mountain Palccoyo spiritual journey 1 day

Homestay Journey


Spiritual Journey to the Rainbow Mountain Palccoyo (4,900 m). One-Day In the Cusco Andes, the spiritual belief of the ancestors is still kept alive generation upon generation, from the epoch of the Incas until the present time, such as the belief in the Holy Mountains (Apus), and Mother Earth (Pachamama), the Huacas (Holy Rocks for having rituals), in the Sun, the Lakes, Thunders, the Rainbow, Condor, Puma, Serpent, Moon, Fire, the medicinal plants and the constellations of the Andean world.

The Andean man still keeps his faith in the ancestral beliefs, having rituals to connect himself with the spirits of the holy mountains (Apus), the Tayta Inti (God, Father Sun) that day after day is giving us the energy to feed us spiritually. This trek gives you the opportunity to visit typical sites of the Andes with a spectacular panoramic view of nature. Around Apu Ausangate you may enjoy snow covered mountain tops.

The Rainbow Mountain, which is a natural erosive formation that was formed millions of years ago, meets with the Vilcanota chain (Andes, above 4,900 m) with its flocks of lamas, alpacas, and sheep passing by, the Andean grass (ichu) and several medicinal plants.


Day 1 Cusco Valley of Palccoyo, Rainbow Mountain, Cusco

We will leave very early from Cusco by private transport until we arrive in the Valley of Palccoyo. Accompanied by our professional guide, we are starting our trek with a 45-minute ascension to the Rainbow Mountain. We enjoy its natural paths/ passages, geological formations of the Vilcanota chain (Andes) and a chain of naturally colored mountains. The Cordillera of the Andes are formed by frictions of tectonic plates that give / have caused a natural erosion since millions of years. When we arrive at the highest point, we will be able to see the natural formation of colors and the entire red valley of mountains. Then begins our spiritual journey, first by thanking Mother Pachamama and the Sacred Mountain of Apu Ausangate with an offering, prepared by the Andean Shaman with Sacred Leaves of Coca, Sacred Chicha of corn, Carnation flowers, corn grains, quinoa, etc. And then a Spiritual meditation to connect with the spiritual world, invoking the Spiritual world to ask for changes in the world, then return to take the box lunch and return to the City of Cusco in our private vehicle.


  • Guide: Professional bilingual tour guide
  • Transport: Private transport full day
  • Meals: Box lunch
  • Activity: Ceremony
  • Entrance fee: Rainbow Mountain

Not includes

  • Flights from Lima to Cusco and Cusco to Lima
  • Hotel in Cusco
  • Breakfast and dinner in Cusco
  • Snacks and drink
  • Tour Type: Spiritual Journey
  • Good For: Those with a sense of adventure and Connect Spiritual
  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Climate: Cold, sunny with wind in the months of April to November
  • Humidity: Dry
  • Rainy season: December to March
  • Pick up Time: 5: AM
  • Considerations: This journey will take about full day

Prices and discounts

A mínimum group size would be 2 persons. The bigger the group, the lower our cost per person: please, find our prices and discounts below!

  • Group of 2 USD 180,- per person
  • Group of 3 USD 140,- per person
  • Group of 4 USD 110,- per person
  • Group of 5 USD 90,- per person
  • Group of 6 USD 80,- per person
  • Group of 7 or more USD 75,- per person