Inca Bridge of Qeswachaka - 3 days

Homestay Journey


Inca Bridge during the Incas time, a large extensive network of roads existed known as the ‘Qhapac Ñan’ or ‘Inca highway’. Many of those roads needed bridges to cross various canyons and rivers and the Inca came up with an intricate process of a designed bridge build technique to construct hanging bridges to cross these points. Qeswachaka is the ONLY known original bridge left to be built across in the ways that the Incas did. It takes a lot of hard-work and 4 communities have to graft together over 4 days to enable the annual process to be re-born again. Further to that, just by visiting the area of where Queshuachaca is constructed, there is the opportunity to meet the people descendants of the original Inca bridge builders and to absorb the customs, traditions, clothing and native music that it conserves.


DAY 1: CUSCO (3350 M) –CUATRO LAGUNAS (3700 M) – QUEHUE (3800 M)

We leave early heading towards the town of Pomacanchi (107 km south of Cusco), continuing our route, we will arrive at the area known as "Cuatro Lagunas" (Pomacanchi, Acopia, Asnaccocha and Pampamarca). These lagoons harbor a great variety of wildlife such as Parihuanas and Andean ducks. In the middle of this natural and beautiful place we will share a breakfast with a breath-taking view.


Arriving in Quehue, we go to the houses where the families welcome us.


As soon as we have settled, we take a short 10 minute walk on foot to a place where we will see how the families of different communities contribute with the ropes. Part of the ropes are produce with vegetable fibers, an ancestral obligation that has been passed down from generation to generation. It is the men of the community who begin to twist the main ropes in two divided points, a process that takes until the afternoon of the same day.

  • Private transport between Cusco and Quehue (4 hours approximately)
  • English-Spanish guide
  • American breakfast and picnic lunch, typical dinner at the community
  • Entrance fee to the bridge associated with the Qeswachaka comminuty.
  • Overnight in homestay community accomodation.

Day 2 Qeswachaka (weaving the strings for the new bridge and cutting/taking down the old bridge)

After a nice breakfast offered by the homestay family, we go with the families to the place where we can be involved together with the families to make small ropes that will be used to weave the bridge handrails, At midday we will have a picnic lunch. Afterwards, we can appreciate how the community folks begin to stretch-out the main ropes and also initiate the cutting of the old bridge to throw it into the river, but before launching the first rope there will be Andean Shaman from the area who performs a Ceremony as a request and thanks to Mother Earth so that the work concludes without mishaps.

Also worth nothing is that it is considered a strength of the Andean man who, without payment, does volunteer work to demonstrate his culture left by the ancestors until the afternoon arrives.

  • Billingual guide
  • Breakfast, Picnic lunch, dinner
  • Weaving activties and construction of the ropes
  • Overnight in community housing.

Day 3 construction and conclusion of the bridge, return to Cusco.

A day of admiration and at the same time to be part of it.

After breakfast we go to be part of the main construction of this masterpiece, where we will participate helping the community to tie the ropes so that later the Andean Architects can execute towards the final construction of the bridge, to conclude with the help of the community folks that year after year this masterpiece is made. Then once concluded, the authorities of different institutions make the corresponding inaugurations. From this moment thousands of spectators begin to pass the new bridge. After having enjoyed this masterpiece, it is time to return to the City of Cusco

  • Bilingual guide
  • Breakfast Picnic lunch
  • Private Transportation Quehue Cusco
  • Travel time:
  • Private transportation time: 4 hours. (Cusco-Quehue vice versa)


  • Private transportation round trip
  • 3-Days with a Bilingual English-Spansih Guide
  • Food mentioned in the program
  • String weaving activity
  • Entrance to the Inca Bridge of Qeswachaka.
  • Overnight in the local families’ houses.

Not includes

  • Drinks
  • Tips

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  • Group of 3 USD. 400,- per person
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  • Group of 7 or more USD 260,- per person
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