Discovering Andean Culture in Cusco - 8 Days

Homestay Journey


A journey during which you will meet the Andean people and their traditions, costumes, customs and beliefs. In each part of the Cusco region, you may experience unforgettable moments, as you live with them and participate in their daily work. At the same time, you will come to know attractive cultural, religious as well as natural sites. We are offering hospitality in our living quarters, our hosts providing you with well-implemented facilities.

As we are concerned with your well-being, we are proud to offer you an excellent quality service, especially with respect to meals. Our families are enabled to prepare healthy meals with organic products that are yielded directly from their own land. We do not use any chemicals or genetically manipulated seeds. Our support staff consists of professional guides and very experienced drivers, who are focused at making our journeys custom made and truly unique.

The Homestay families are of modest economic background, but thanks to the efforts of each family in their respective Andean communities, we succeed in enterpreneurship moving our way forward, which allows us an improved quality of life for our children. In the process, we offer an example to our friends in the area. In travelling with us, you really make a positive contribution to our community, just as we intend to offer you one of your most inspiring and enjoyable holidays. Being at home abroad.


Day 1 CUSCO (3,400 m) CITY TOUR

We begin with a visit to the Qoricancha or Sun temple, a religious site that was of major importance in the time of the Incas, as well as today. From there we walk to the principal cathedral where religious architecture has been well-conserved. Continuing our tour we head for the Fortress of Saqsayhuaman, a beautiful and quiet place with a panoramic view of the City of Cusco. The immense constructions are remains of the heritage our ancestors have left us, in this magic place. As it is a lovely place, we will stay there in the open fields to have a picnic lunch prepared by our cook. Then, we will conclude our tour visiting 3 archeological sites: Quengo, dedicated to rituals, Puka Pukara and the Water Temple of Tambomachay. At the end, we will return to your hotel in Cusco. For the night, there will be some free time for dinner and time to relax in the evening.

Day 1 includes

  • Guide: Bilingual, private tour guide.
  • Transport: Private transport during the tour
  • Entrance fee: Qoricancha, Cathedral, the archeological sites of Saqsayhuaman, Quengo, Puka Pukara and the Water Temple of Tambomachay

Day 2: CUSCO – PISAQ – PATABAMBA (3,873 m)

We will leave for the Sacred Valley of the Incas by private transport. On our way, we will pass by some small villages, and a Textile Centre, Awana Cancha, where we can appreciate the best Works of textile art, and where we can have a close look at the southamerican camels. We will continue to the viewpoint where we can enjoy a panoramic view of the Sacred Valley, and afterwards, we will visit an archeological site that was of major importance in the epoch of the Incas, called Pisaq (3,400 m) with terraces, fountains, ceremonial community centers, astronomic observatories and a cemetery. This city is built between the high peaks of the Urubamba mountain chain. And from this point, the Incas reigned and controlled the Sacred Valley. Then, we will pay a visit to the potatoe fields where the Homestay families cultivate over a 1,000 varieties of organic tuber. After our visit, we will proceed to the handicraft market of Pisaq, where you can appreciate different works of weaving and ceramic art. Pisaq is especially famous for its silver jewelry. Then, we will continue our trip to the small Andean village of Patabamba where we will be warmly welcomed by our Homestay family with ajoy of regional music and dance. We may make ourseves comfortable in our rooms and enjoy dinner at night at the open fire.

Day 2 includes:

  • Guide: Bilingual, private tour guide
  • Transport: Private transport for the tour
  • Meals: Picnic lunch, dinner
  • Lodging: Homestay lodging
  • Entrance fee: Archelogical site of Pisaq


In the early morning, we will be baking our own local trigo bread for breakfast. After a delicious breakfast, we will go out to visit some guinea pig farms. We then begin our Lama Track to a spectacular and very quiet place called Huchuyqosqo. On our way, we will pass a view point, where you can enjoy a panoramic view of the Sacred Valley of the Incas. It is the archeological site of Pukamarka where we will have our lunch, prepared by our local family. Continuing our walk, we will pass by a small canyon called Puma Punku until we reach the ancient city of the Incas, Huchuyqosqo, with its agricultural terraces, its Holy Temples and homes. After our visit, we are heading for our next Homestay, where the family will give us a warm welcome, and we can make ourselves comfortable in our rooms. A bit later, we will have a Ceremony for the Pachamama (Mother Earth) to thank Mother Nature and to ask for all of us a good outcome of our journey. We will conclude with dinner and some time to relax.

Day 3 includes:

  • Guide: Bilingual, private tour guide
  • Activity: Bread baking activity
  • Activity: Ceremony for the Pachamama
  • Transport: Lamas for transporting our necessities
  • Horse (in case of emergency)
  • Meals: Breakfast, Picknick lunch, dinner
  • Lodging: Homestay lodging
  • Entrance fee: Huchuyqosqo

Day 4 HUCHUYQOSQO - CHINCHERO (3,750m), MISMINAY (3,700 m)

After breakfast, our Homestay family will give us a demonstration of Andean technology. After that, we say goodbye and start our Lama Track walk in the direction of the picturesque village of Chinchero, famous for its weaving art. We continue the day with our climb until we reach the Apacheta peak (4,100m) with a spectacular panoramic view of the mountain chain that surrounds the Sacred Valley. After that, we continue our descent until we arrive at a small village called Taucca. There, we will say goodbye to our team of carriers of our Lama Track, as they will return to Patabamba. In Taucca we will have our lunch, prepared by our local family, and afterwards, we will go back to Chinchero by private transport to enjoy a visit to its archeological site and colonial Church. Continuing our trip, we will arrive at the small village of Misminay where we will stay for the night at our next Homestay family, where you can make yourselves comfortable in your room. After two days of tracking, you will be welcomed with an Andean foot and leg massage to relax your muscles with healing plants. After dinner, you will have the evening to relax.

Day 4 includes:

  • Guide: Bilingual, private tour guide
  • Activity: Demonstration of Andean technology
  • Activity: Andean foot massage
  • Transport: Lamas for transporting our necessities
  • Horse (in case of emergency)
  • Private transport from Taucca to Chinchero
  • And from Chinchero to Misminay.
  • Meals: Breakfast, Picknick lunch, dinner
  • Lodging: Homestay lodging
  • Entrance fee: Archeological site and colonial church of Chinchero


After breakfast, our Homestay family will offer us some typical weaving products of the region. Then, we will say goodbye and start our small descent to a beautiful agricultural laboratory from the time of the Incas, Moray. After our visit, we will take our car to visit the Village of Maras, where we will have a look at a workshop where they make typical hats, sombreros, by hand. Continuing our trip, we will visit the salt mine called Salineras with its small plots full of salty water from the mountains, that is turned into salt by a natural process of condensation. We will be heading for the lively Village of Urubamba to have lunch in a family house of Chichubamba. At the same time the local families will teach us how to brew the Sacred drink of Chicha from corn, passing through a natural fermentation process. Finally, we will be heading for the archeological city of Ollantaytambo. By the end of the afternoon, we will take the train to Aguas Calientes where we will spend the night.

Day 5 includes:

  • Guide: Bilingual, private tour guide
  • Activity: Brewing Chicha
  • Transport: Private transport from Moray to Maras/
  • Salineras, and from Salineras to Ollantaytambo.
  • Train ticket from Ollantaytambo to Aguas Calientes.
  • Meals: Breakfast, lunch, dinner in Aguas Calientes
  • Lodging: Hotel Hatun Samay *** or equivalent
  • Entrance fee: Moray, Maras/Salineras, archeological site of Ollantaytambo

Day 6 Aguas Calientes – Macchu Picchu – Ollantaytambo – Poroy - Cusco

We have to leave our hotel very early to take a bus to Machupicchu, the Magical City of the Incas, which is considered a jewel of Inca architecture with agricultural terraces, neighbourhoods, squares, streets, an astronomic observatory etc. Constructed upon the slopes of the mountain, in the middle of nature, it is considered one of the miracles of today’s world. UNESCO has recognized it as a part of the common Natural and Cultural Heritage of Mankind, as it was an important religious, political and administrative center in the epoch of the Inca. The altitude is about 2450 m. After exploring this Magical City, you may like to explore the mountain of Huaynapicchu. From the top of this mountain you can enjoy an impressing overview of the entire City of Machupicchu. It is advised to make reservations months in advance, so please do not hesitate to contact us, if you like to include Huaynapicchu. We will return to Aguas Calientes to take the train back to Ollantaytambo or Poroy, where our staff is waiting to take us back to our hotel in Cusco.

Day 6 includes:

  • Guide: Bilingual, private tour guide
  • Transport: Bus from Aguas Calientes to Machupicchu and back
  • Train ticket from Aguas Calientes to Poroy
  • Private transport from Poroy to Cusco
  • Meals: Breakfast in the hotel
  • Lodging: Hotel in Cusco San Augustín Dorado *** or equivalent
  • Entrance fee: Machupicchu

Not included:

  • Meals: Lunch and dinner

Day 7 Cusco Markets, Planetarium and Chicken at night

Unforgettable Cusco. Today we get up a little late to start our visits a the Cusco fairs such as the mayor Market de Vino canchón San Jerónimo, a place where big producers bring tons of vegetables, grains, tubers and fruit. For Cusqueños of the rural areas it is a strategic place for the “minoristas” who are people buying in smaller quantities to sell at the smaller markets, including the San Pedro market. To get to this market we will go by public transport and take a bus for about 45 minutes to 1 hour, depending upon the traffic. We have to take into account that in this local market there are hardly any tourists present, so there are no companies offering collective transport.

We will start enjoying a taste of fruit such as Chirimoya, lúcuma granadilla, passion fruit etc. Next, we are returning to Cusco by local transport, where we will have lunch at a local restaurant. Continuing our itinerary, we visit the popular market of San Pedro where we can taste and appreciate the biggest loafs of bread in the world, its various fruit juices, coffee beans, chocolate, cheese etc. And just outside of the market, medicinal herbs and frogs. We return to the Regocijo Square to take a collective car to bring us to the Planetarium, an astronomic place about 15 minutes from the city, where we can see the constellations of the Milky Way through professional telescopes, and find out about Andean astronomy. We return to Cusco to go to a most popular place to have a taste of Peruvian gastronomy: Pollo a la Brasa (roasted chicken). Finally, we return to our hotel.

Day 7 includes:

  • Guide: Bilingual, private tour guide
  • Activity: Fruit tasting
  • Transport: Collective local transport to the market of San Jerónimo, and back
  • Collective local transport to the Planetarium
  • Meals: Breakfast in the hotel, lunch at local restaurant and Pollo a la Brasa
  • For dinner
  • Lodging: Hotel San Augustín Dorado *** or equivalent
  • Entrance fee: Planetarium

Day 8 Cusco – Airport – Lima

In the morning we will pass by your hotel to bring you to the airport by private transport in accordance with your flight Schedule.

Day 8 includes:

  • Meals: Breakfast in the hotel
  • Transport: Private transfer from the hotel to the airport
  • Not included
  • Meals: Lunch and dinner


Not includes

To fully enjoy your trip, you may like to bring:

  • Your original Passport for MachuPicchu
  • Hiking shoes
  • a water resistent jacket
  • mosquito repellent
  • sun blocker


If you would like to bringsome small gifts for the children of the Andean communities we are staying, you may consider English children books, coloring books, coloring pencils or some small toys

Prices and Discounts

A mínimum group size would be 2 persons. The bigger the group, the lower our cost per person: please, find our prices and discounts below!

  • Group of 2 USD 1,400,- per person
  • Group of 3 USD 1,300,- per person
  • Group of 4 USD 1,200,- per person
  • Group of 5 USD 1,100,- per person
  • Group of 6 USD 1,000,- per person
  • Group of 7 or more USD 900,- per person
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